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Stopping MLA Area Development Fund Scheme’ money attack on people

Hamirpur/ Mandi, Feb 7 – HP BJP State General Secretary cum Sundernagar MLA Rakesh Jamwal said on Tuesday that the Sukhu government of Himachal Pradesh had once again attacked development by withholding money from the MLA Area Development Fund Scheme.
With this amount, the work of development work like the construction of roads, construction of community buildings, basic development etc. in the assembly constituencies was done had been stopped in the state.
Notably, the previous BJP government had increased this amount from 1.80 crores to 2 crores in the financial year 22-23 and was a gift of the Jai Ram Thakur government.
Jamwal said that its 3 installments had reached the assembly constituencies through the Planning Department, but the Sukhu government has not yet been able to give the last installment, which is 50 lakhs per area.
He said,” This installment reaches the assembly constituencies in the first week of January, but this time it has happened for the first time that this installment could not reach the assembly constituencies. The Planning Department has sent its file to the Chief Minister’s Office, but the file has not returned from there”.
He said,” Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu says that Himachal Pradesh is on the verge of starvation like Sri Lanka, but by making 6 CPS, they have increased the financial burden on Himachal, and not only this, this CPS is also asking for an additional vehicle for itself”.
He alleged that the Congress government had increased the financial burden on Himachal Pradesh even by giving Cabinet rank to Media Advisor, IT Advisor, Political Advisor, and Vice Chairman of Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Board.
The Congress government should give priority to the development of Himachal Pradesh and not increase the economic crisis in Himachal Pradesh by increasing wasteful expenditure.
He claimed that Himachal Pradesh was moving towards the peak from 2017 to 2022 in the BJP government, but after 2022 in the Congress government, Himachal is moving backward like Sri Lanka. This type of image of Himachal is emerging in the whole country and is shocking.
The biggest thing is that both the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister are from the same parliamentary constituency and Kangra has been sidelined in all the appointments made so far.

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