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EBA – Bridging Generations’ Gap

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Shimla, Nov. 20 (Ritanjali Hastir) – The sensational Ex Beadean’s Reunion concluded on a positive note as the alumina of batches from the year 1989 to the present united under the single roof of the college here today.

The day was filled with lots of fun, music, and dance on one hand yet at the same made most of them nostalgic as they all once again stepped on the stage and took a trip down memory lane.

Catwalk by the ladies was the highlight of the day as each batch presented the glory of yesteryear.

“Saache wala” 5 decades old fortune teller was yet another attraction that grabbed the attention of all as he predicted the future for many.

Another attraction was a stall by the State Museum, Department of Language, Art and Culture that aimed at bridging the gap between the culture.

Jam sessions and mouthwatering snacks make the whole experience heavenly. The day concluded on a positive note inspiring each student to attain new heights and making them understand this is not the end but just the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Language & Culture Dept, HP in Partnership with Keekli Presents: मीमांसा — Children’s Literature Festival 2023

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