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Be a master of everything: TV anchor Misha 

Solan, May 26
The School of Journalism and New Media today organised a captivating guest session featuring renowned TV anchor, reporter, actor, and singer Misha Bajwa Chaudhary.
With her extensive experience and versatile skill set, Misha has made a lasting impact on the television landscape. The session, focused on the making of a TV anchor/reporter, provided students with valuable insights into the field.
During the session, Misha shared her personal journey as a journalist, emphasising the importance of actively assuming the role of a journalist from the outset. She encouraged media students to embrace opportunities to be presenters early on, rather than waiting for a job to do so. Referring to herself as “FIRE” (Financially Independent and Retired Early), she stressed that passion plays a significant role in journalism, with half of the work already accomplished by simply being passionate about the field.
Misha highlighted that an anchor doesn’t have a specific beat, but rather, every beat is their beat.
In response to a student’s query about AI interference in the media industry, she expressed her belief that as long as humans continue to think critically and nurture their creativity, artificial intelligence will not supplant the human brain.
Students from Journalism attended the session and eagerly engaged with her. They posed thought-provoking questions about the world of media and the challenges faced by journalists. Misha responded candidly and directly, providing valuable insights based on her own experiences.

In conclusion, she urged the students to strive to be masters of everything and avoid limiting themselves to specialising in just one area. Her session left a profound impact, inspiring the aspiring journalists to embrace versatility and the pursuit of knowledge in their future careers.

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