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12 New Cases of Scrub Typhus Reported in IGMC

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Shimla, September 19: The Indira Gandhi Medical College (IGMC) has reported 12 new cases of scrub typhus. A total of 28 cases related to scrub typhus were sent for examination at IGMC, out of which 12 people were found infected. IGMC is witnessing 10 to 15 cases of scrub typhus every day. So far, 10 deaths have been reported due to scrub typhus. A total of 360 cases of scrub typhus have been confirmed.

IGMC has examined 1145 samples for scrub typhus. Hospital administration has advised people to be cautious about this disease. According to doctors, scrub typhus is a life-threatening disease. People are advised to seek advice from doctors if they show symptoms of scrub typhus, which include red rashes on the body and fever.

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