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Yogi of Melodies – Rex

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Shimla, July 07 Ritanjali Hastir

Born Luder Chand in the serene hamlet of Shegli, nestled in the picturesque Manali in 1978, Rex’s journey in life and music has been humble and profound. Growing up in a middle-class agricultural family, Rex was often engulfed in the routines and responsibilities of rural life, leaving little room for formal music education. Yet music was an indelible part of his existence from a young age. His constant companion was the radio, whose soulful strains his lullaby, sparking a deep-seated passion for melody and composition.

At the age of 12, Rex began crafting his musical pieces, preferring to create original melodies over singing popular tunes. This early inclination towards composing laid the foundation for his lifelong love affair with music. Despite the lack of formal training, his passion never wavered. In 2013, Rex ventured into the realms of music programming and sound engineering, teaching himself the intricacies of these fields. However, life’s unpredictable turns temporarily halted this pursuit.

Undeterred, Rex continued to write songs, which became a vital sustenance for his soul. To date, he has composed around 40 songs, with 6 to 7 of them making their way to streaming platforms. His work remains largely undiscovered by the mainstream music industry, a consequence of his aversion to the hustle and bustle of city life and his limited exposure to the industry. Yet, in the age of social media, reaching an audience has become more accessible, and Rex’s unique gift for creating seamless melodies holds the promise of wider recognition.

Rex is inherently shy, eschewing the limelight and grand stages. He finds joy in producing his songs in solitude, where the act of creation itself is his reward. For Rex, music is a spiritual journey rather than a path to material success. This yogic approach to his art places greater value on inner fulfillment and the purity of his musical expression over external accolades.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Rex finds solace in exploring nature’s hidden gems, places untouched by the throngs of tourists. His days are also spent nurturing apple orchards and engaging in the hospitality industry, a testament to his deep connection with the land and his community.

Rex’s story is one of quiet determination and unwavering passion. It is a reminder that creativity and talent can flourish even in the most rustic of settings and that the soul of a musician can thrive against all odds. His melodies, born from a life intertwined with nature and simplicity, are a testament to the beauty of following one’s true calling, no matter the challenges.

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