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Jairam Thakur Accuses Government of Extortion and Intimidation for Election Support

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Nalagarh, July 7: Opposition leader Jairam Thakur, during a press conference in Nalagarh, accused the government of extorting contractors in the name of elections and now demanding their support for the Congress party. Thakur alleged that the government is using authoritarian tactics to win the by-elections, including harassing BJP supporters and shop owners displaying BJP flags by conducting raids. He claimed that ministers are monitoring employees and threatening them against supporting the BJP, and elected representatives like Panchayat heads and BDC/DDC members are being coerced to support Congress under the threat of punitive action.

Thakur criticized the government for delaying the by-elections to manipulate them using their power. He stated that the government is not only targeting contractors and employees but also elected representatives, warning them against any support for the BJP. Thakur condemned this unprecedented misuse of power and stated that the Congress’s fear of losing has led them to such extreme measures.

He also mentioned that the Congress government has given free rein to mafias to intimidate BJP supporters. Despite these tactics, Thakur expressed confidence that the people would reject Congress’s misuse of power and support the BJP, resulting in a significant victory in the by-elections. He noted that the Chief Minister canceled his events in Nalagarh and Hamirpur to focus on Dehra due to the anticipated defeat there.

Thakur assured that the BJP would increase its strength in the assembly and curb the Congress government’s authoritarianism, ensuring decisions are made in public interest. He concluded by rallying support for BJP candidate K.L. Thakur in Nalagarh, confident in a decisive victory.

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