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The feat of repeating a govt that could not be executed by stalwarts we ordinary people will :- JaiRam Thakur


‘Let us take a vow that the work which could not be done by the stalwarts in politics of repeating a govt in the state we will do with the help of common people.’


Chief Minister while addressing a huge gathering on the occasion of his nomination took a jibe on the Congress, because some time ago the remark of an opposition MLA had gone viral in which he said that Raja Saheb could not Repeat the Government in Himachal after being the Chief Minister for 6 times, then how could an accidental amateur like Jai Ram Thakur could do it?


Before the nomination, Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur addressed a large public meeting at Kuthah in Seraj Assembly Constituency. During this, Jai Ram Thakur said that this time people have decided to change the “Rivaz” and it has started from Seraj today. He urged the gathering that you will have to go from house to house to garner support for this cause and cannot sit and rest after today’s rally. If the work of changing the “Rivaz” is entrusted to Seraj then it is the responsibility of Seraj, to make it possible by executing it to perfection. Today I have the responsibility of entire state so that I will have to go all over Himachal so I leave the responsibility of Seraj to all of you.

Jai Ram Thakur said that we are entering the great festival of democracy and with the blessings of all of you we will change the rivaaz .After completing 25 years in the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly, I have once again come to seek blessings from you. I express my gratitude to all the people present and my companions of this incredible journey. Jai Ram Thakur said that I get the courage to move forward from the brothers and sisters of Seraj because you have taken the responsibility of our home. It is the journey of 25 years and now we have to move ahead to make history in Himachal by repeating the Government here. During this he bowed down to all the gods and goddesses of the area and took their blessings .

Chief Minister remembered the days of 1993 elections

And said that many times I introspect from where we have started and where we have reached. The people of seraj my friends and companions kept joining and the caravan kept on growing. He said that when I contested the 1993 elections, we used to meet only one or two BJP workers in our 60 polling stations, but in many polling booths we did not even get a person of our own party but very happy to see how things have progressed and changed over the years .

The CM said that the mountains of Seraj are eyewitnesses that while climbing these mountains, we got tired, stopped, sat down but kept our moral high and kept working for the welfare of the people in this remote region . Many of the companions of that time have become old today but still stand behind me, together like a rock.

‘*Myth is bound to be broken, “Rivaz” will change*’

Jai Ram Thakur said that I was the President of the Mandal and became MLA for the first time in 1998, then I was also made the President of Yuva Morcha. After that, the party’s Mandi district president. After that I became the Vice President of the party and after this, in 2007, I was the given the responsibility of the president of the party. This did not happen spontaneously because the energy behind it came from the people colleagues of the Seraj assembly constituency.

He said that when I was the state president of the party in 2007, their was a whisper campaign to defeat me, the opponents started talking that whoever contests the election while being the party president, he loses. Jai Ram Thakur said that we won the election and broke this myth, changed the custom. Actually, Jai Ram Thakur went on to say that we will break the myth that has been going on in Himachal for years ke there is no repeat of the government in Himachal with the strength love and support of the masses.


‘*All development of seraj is what you have done:- JaiRam Thakur*’

Jai Ram Thakur said that if I talk about the development of Seraj today, I did not even think that I would be able to achieve the goals we had set for the Seraj Vidhan Sabha but such an opportunity came and we did a lot of work for the people and today If I say that I did these things then it is not so I am just expressing my feelings to all of you. If I am here today, it is your love support cooperation.

Jai Ram Thakur said that you people live in my heart ,I have a big responsibility this time of the whole state and party .

Once upon a time, we had given a slogan for Seraj sikahr per seraj And now in Himachal we gave the slogan that sikahr per Himachal, This slogan is on everyone’s tongue today and we are working towards that.



Jai Ram Thakur also expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his speech . He said, “The national leadership continued to help in taking himachal forward. I would like to express my gratitude to Prime minister Modi for this as he found me close to his life. I have also gone through the same phase as he has gone , he has seen that a humble person from such circumstances has come forward in himachal and taking it forward on a path of progress and development . Jairam son of a carpenter farmer , who comes from a remote village, has gone through all the struggles of life as the prime minister himself.

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