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Shoolini University Celebrates Shoolini Innovation Day, Showcasing Cutting-Edge Research and Innovation

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Solan, June 9
Shoolini University hosted the second edition of “The Shoolini Innovation Day,” a grand event that celebrates the spirit of innovation and highlights the remarkable research, innovation, and entrepreneurial endeavors of its faculty members, students, and industry partners.
Justice Sushil Kukreja of High Court of Himachal Pradesh was the Chief Guest for the event. Guest of Honour was the Dean Law Himachal Pradesh University (HPU)Prof Sanjay Sindhu.
The event was organised by the Shoolini Intellectual Property Rights Office, under the guidance of Prof. Dinesh Kumar, in collaboration with Prof. Nandan Sharma, Associate Dean, Faculty of Legal Sciences.
Justice Sushil Kukreja addressed the audience, sharing insights into the advancements made in the Indian courts, including the implementation of paperless courts nationwide. He highlighted the efforts being made to translate judgments into Hindi and English, ensuring accessibility and clarity. Justice Kukreja also emphasised the importance of resilience and learning from failures.
In his welcome address, Prof. Dinesh Chatanta, Dean Post Graduate studies, Head of School bioengineering and Food Technology, Shoolini University shared the remarkable achievements of Shoolini University, including its ranking in the field of innovation. He also emphasised the significance of the University’s in-house patent cell and its focus on increasing utility patents. Prof. Chatanta also highlighted the Summer Patent School initiative, aimed at nurturing and encouraging innovative thinking among the school students.
While addressing the audience Prof. Nandan Sharma Dean Legal Sciences at Shoolini University emphasised the importance of intellectual property rights for every individual and encouraged attendees to embrace their passion for invention. He acknowledged the growing relevance of AI-based inventions and stressed the need to develop new rules to address emerging challenges. Prof. Sharma also highlighted the commercial value and aspects associated with intellectual property.
Prof Sanjay Sindhu, Dean Law, HPU guest of honour at the event, emphasised the necessity of protecting creative works through patenting, urging creators to cultivate habits of creativity and innovation.
Prof PK Khosla Chancellor Shoolini University said that Shoolini Innovation Day serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas and the exploration of collaborative opportunities in the fields of research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. It aims to foster a culture of innovation and inspire individuals to pursue their creative aspirations. Prof Khosla also highlighted the aim and importance of intellectual property rights and their role in promoting innovation and safeguarding creativity.
Pro Vice Chancellor Mr. Vishal Anand extended gratitude to all the dignitaries for their presence and support in initiating this remarkable event. He also shared the Shoolini Innovation Day promises to be an engaging and informative event, fostering collaboration, and inspiring innovation among the participants.

Mr Sourabh Agrawal  Assistant Prof. Shoolini University delivered the vote of thanks, and expressing appreciation to all attendees and contributors for their involvement in making the event a success.

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