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PNB ATM looted at Pandogha in Una district

Una , Nov 16 – A case of robbery has come to light in the ATM of Punjab National Bank located at Pandogha Kaswa in the Una district of Himachal Pradesh. There was cash of about 10 lakh rupees in the ATM. The cash was extracted by cutting the ATM machine with a masked cutter. The incident took place on Tuesday night, according to a spokesman of the Police department.
He said that some masked men first blackened the CCTV with spray paint, and then looted the ATM.
In the initial police investigation, 2 persons are seen coming into the CCTV, whose faces were covered with masks.
On the other hand, the police are tracing the vehicles and people who crossed the Pandogha barrier on Tuesday night, so that they can get clues about the robbers.
According to the information received at the police control room about a robbery at PNB’s ATM in Pandogha at around 2. A.M, the police blockaded the border area. Punjab police were also informed as Pandogha is located near the HP border with Punjab.
SP Arjit Sen Thakur also reached Pandogha on Wednesday and inspected the spot. He held on a spot inquiry into the incident.
Thakur said why there were no security arrangements outside the ATM is a matter of serious concern.
SP said that the police were on the job to nab the culprits.

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