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Now wrestling competitions also included in MP Sports Mahakumbh competitions

Hamirpur , Jan 21 – Keeping in view the demand of the sportspersons, it has been decided to organize wrestling matches in the MP Sports Mahakumbh competitions. These matches will be held first at the district level, starting from Hamirpur on Sunday, after which these matches will be held at the parliamentary constituency level, according to a spokesman of sports mahakumbh.
Wrestling matches are going to start from 8:00 am on Sunday, January 22 at Degree College Ground, Anu, Hamirpur. Separate matches will be conducted for players of different weight categories. Under 15 boys wrestling events will have 41 kg, 57 kg and open categories. And in the wrestling matches of under-15 girls, there will be 39 kg, 54 kg and open categories. Men’s senior wrestling events will be held in 61 kg, 74 kg and open categories. In the same women’s senior wrestling matches, players will be able to participate in 53 kg, 65 kg and open categories.
The first prize ₹ 31000, second prize ₹ 21000 and third prize ₹ 11000 will be given to the player who wins the wrestling competition at the parliamentary constituency level.
Similarly, the players winning at the district level will be given first prize Rs 11000, second prize Rs 5100 and third prize Rs 3100.
It is to be noted that the players of Dharampur will participate in Hamirpur district while the players of Dehra and Jaswa Pragpur will be able to participate in wrestling competitions in Una district. All the preparations have been completed with a view to organize wrestling matches in the Sansad Khel Mahakumbh competitions.

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