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Nalagarh AC registers highest nearly 78 percent voter turnout

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Followed by Hamirpur and Dehra

Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Maneesh Garg thanked the voters of Dehra, Hamirpur and Nalagarh Assemblies Constituencies (AC) for their participation in the bye-elections in large numbers. He said that good voter turnout was due to the endeavour of Election Commission of India (ECI) together with the concerted efforts of the team of Himachal Election Department and particularly due to awareness of the people of the State towards their right to franchise.

He also specially thanked all the categories of voters including youth who participated for the first time, the elderly voters, women voters and the PwD voters for showing interest in voting and contributing to the democratic process.

He said that according to the information received for 6 PM at the state headquarters through Poll Day Monitoring System (PDMS), about 70.5 percent voting was recorded for AC bye-elections in Dehra, Hamirpur and Nalagarh.

He said that polling picked up early in the morning which was about 15.99 percent by 11 AM which rose to 48.52 percent at 1 PM. The poll percentage picked up in the afternoon and by 3 PM it was 58.88 percent.

According to the information received for 6 PM, the highest nearly 78 percent voting was recorded in Nalagarh AC followed by 67.7 percent in Hamirpur while approximately 65.42 percent voting was recorded in Dehra AC. He said that the final figures of voting percentage will be released only after the return of all the polling parties and scrutiny of documents.

CEO said that apart from the voting at polling stations in concerned ACs, about 1523 voters above 85 years of age and 348 PwD voters availed home voting facility.

He said due to elaborate security arrangements done by the State Election Department under the guidance of ECI, no untoward incident was reported in the bye-polls.

He said that a total of 13 candidates were in the fray for three ACs including two women candidates. There are five candidates each in Dehra and Nalagarh while in Hamirpur AC there are only three candidates in the election fray.

He said that for real time monitoring of the entire polling process, 315 polling stations were covered through live webcasting, which was being continuously monitored through control rooms established at the state, district and AC levels. Six polling stations were managed by women, one by PwDs and three were youth managed. He informed that apart from this, nine model and six green polling stations were set up across the three ACs.

After the announcement of polling on 10th June, 2024 and the implementation of the model code of conduct (MCC) in Dehra, Nalagarh AC and Hamirpur district, till the day of polling, in the joint action taken by the enforcement agencies of the Police, Income Tax, State Tax and Excise and Industry departments, seizures worth about 3.4 crore were made.

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