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Hansraj to inaugurate Panchayat Bhawan Bantar on Oct.15

Newly formed gram panchayat oil will be inaugurated

Chamba, 14 October

Vidhan Sabha Deputy Speaker Hansraj will address the public meeting after inaugurating the newly formed Gram Panchayat Oil on October 15.

Giving information, the departmental spokesperson said that after inaugurating the newly constructed Panchayat Bhawan in Gram Panchayat Banatar on October 15, the Deputy Speaker will lay the foundation stone of ambulance road from main road Tungagala to Chilli and Chanjali Nala to Bhihu and main road Chundi. During this time, he will also address public grievances.

According to the ongoing migration program, the Deputy Speaker will preside over the meeting of the Scheduled Castes Welfare Committee to be held on October 16 at 11 am at Bachat Bhawan Chamba.

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