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Sudhir Sharma Meets Former CM Prem Kumar Dhumal; Joins BJP Campaign

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Hamirpur, April 3: Following the footsteps of former Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur, Rajendra Rana, Indra Dutt Lakhanpal, Devendra Kumar Bhutto, and Hoshiyar Singh, Sudhir Sharma has now also presented himself in the Dhumal Darbar. On Wednesday, Sudhir Sharma, the BJP candidate announced from Dharamshala for the upcoming by-elections in Himachal Pradesh, reached the residence of former Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal in Samirpur, where he not only exchanged pleasantries with him but also sought his blessings.

Upon arriving at his residence, Sudhir Sharma, along with other BJP officials, received a warm welcome from the former Chief Minister. Sudhir Sharma was congratulated and extended best wishes on becoming a member of the largest party in the world.

During the interaction between the two leaders, a discussion of about 30 minutes took place. However, specific details about the conversation were not disclosed.

Sudhir Sharma mentioned that he has taken the helm of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) because what the BJP says, it does. He expressed gratitude for being able to contribute to the development of India through his membership in the BJP. Today, he met former Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal in Samirpur to receive his blessings.

It is noteworthy that former Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal had announced two days ago that wherever BJP candidates, symbolizing the lotus, will step into the battlefield, their victory will be ensured. Every BJP candidate with a lotus symbol will be our contestant. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take charge of the country for the third time, and all the BJP candidates in the Lok Sabha and Assembly by-elections in Himachal Pradesh will secure victory.

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