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Mysterious Deaths of Three Bears Unveiled: Poisoned by Toxic Substance

Ramapur, April 3: The veil has been lifted from the mysterious deaths of three bears that occurred in the Rampur sub-district near Upper Shimla four weeks ago. It has been revealed that their deaths were caused by the consumption of a toxic substance laced with pesticides. This disclosure came to light in the post-mortem report.

The Rampur police have now registered a case against unknown individuals and initiated an investigation into the deaths of the bears. Range Forest Officer Surendra Gupta of the Rampur tehsil has lodged a complaint with the police, stating that on March 8, three bears and a cub were found dead in the Jaguni forest of Rampur. Their bodies underwent post-mortem examination, which confirmed that the cause of death for all three bears and the cub was organophosphorus pesticide poisoning.

In reality, the carcasses of the bears and the dead cub were found in the Dasa Panchayat of Ramapur. Among them were a two-and-a-half-year-old female bear and two cubs, each about eight months old. One bear was observed in distress. Based on the villagers’ complaints, the Forest Department had conducted post-mortem examinations on the three dead bears and the cub of the deceased cow. Now, with the arrival of the post-mortem report, it has been confirmed that there were no wounds of any kind on the bodies of the three deceased bears. The package of the pesticide responsible for the deaths was also found by the Forest Department at the scene.

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