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Student Council Formed at St. Thomas’ School, Shimla

Today, on April 3, 2024, St. Thomas’ School, Shimla, witnessed the establishment of its Student Council. The ceremony, presided over by Principal Mrs. Vidhupriya Chakravarty and graced by ADM Protocol Jyoti Rana as the chief guest, saw the oath-taking ceremony of the council members.

Aadit Sharma emerged as the head boy, and Aatikha Qasmi as the head girl, earning the trust and confidence of their peers. The Student Council, with a diverse array of responsibilities, includes the following members:

Junior Head Boy: Viviksh Sharma
Junior Head Girl: Vamika Singh
Vice Head Girl: Ankita Chauhan
Vice Head Boy: Dhruv Thakur
NCC Head: Swastika Primta
Sports Captain: Vanshika Khirta and James Vishodhaya

Additionally, Shagun Sood and Muskaan Singh have been entrusted with the roles of cultural and environmental heads, respectively. The house captains and their deputies for each house are as follows:

Chinar House: Ameesha Patyal (Captain), Priya Rashta (Vice-Captain), Shaurya Chanalia (Junior House Captain)

Kasturi House: Shruti Sharma (Captain), Shagun Rajora (Vice-Captain), Saksham Thakur (Junior House Captain)

Shipkila House: Aarushi Chauhan (Captain), Gauri Bhardwaj (Vice-Captain), Kashish Bhardwaj (Junior House Captain)

Toshqui House: Nyasa (Captain), Kritika (Vice-Captain), Ruhi Kumari (Junior House Captain)

Principal Mrs. Vidhupriya Chakravarty delivered a motivating speech, urging the council members to uphold school rules, maintain discipline, and execute their duties with utmost responsibility.

Mrs. Jyoti Rana, ADM Protocol and the chief guest of the event, addressed the students. In her insightful message, she emphasized the significance of leadership and discipline. Mrs. Rana inspired the students to adopt a positive outlook in life and remain focused on their aspirations. Furthermore, she raised awareness about the harmful effects of drugs and encouraged the students to steer clear of such substances.

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