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Congress Women’s Wing President Criticizes BJP Candidate Kangana Ranaut

Shimla, April 3: Jainab Chandela, the Women’s Wing President of the Pradesh Congress Committee, criticized BJP candidate Kangana Ranaut from the Mandi parliamentary constituency, alleging that she is attempting to manipulate people’s emotions during her election rallies. Chandela stated that if Ranaut genuinely cared about the people, she would have actively participated in alleviating their suffering during times of crisis. However, instead of providing the much-needed support and empathy during difficult times, Ranaut is solely focused on garnering votes, which the public is fully aware of.

Chandela emphasized that Kangana does not need to lecture Congress leaders, as she should first clarify her own political stance. Chandela suggested that Kangana should outline her vision for the development of the region as she ventures into politics for the first time. She praised incumbent MP Pratibha Singh for her developmental work in the constituency, stating that her efforts will continue with the support of the Congress party.

During times of crisis, Rani Pratibha Veerbhadra Singh remained among the people, providing assistance, Chandela noted. She highlighted that the Congress government had taken measures to help people at the grassroots level and asserted that the Congress party delivers on its promises without resorting to empty election rhetoric, unlike the BJP.

Chandela expressed confidence that with the imminent announcement of Pratibha Singh’s candidacy from the constituency, the Congress would mobilize its grassroots support and emerge victorious in the elections. She remarked that the Congress party is in a strong position in the state, and the BJP will face a resounding defeat not only in all four Lok Sabha seats but also in the six by-elections. Chandela warned that the BJP’s unsuccessful attempts to destabilize the Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukkhu-led government have severely affected public sentiment, and they will have to bear the consequences.

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