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Allegations of BJP’s Attempted Government Destabilization and Coercion: Congress Minister’s Claims

On April 3rd, in Shimla, the Minister of Horticulture and Revenue, Jagat Singh, made a significant statement. He asserted that an investigation report of a filed FIR at Baluganj Police Station clearly indicates that the BJP attempted to destabilize the state government through coercion and inducement. He alleged that the Congress spent crores on six Congress MLAs and three independent MLAs, who were airlifted via helicopter and held in captivity for over a month, which constitutes a serious offense.

Addressing a press conference at the Pradesh Congress Headquarters, Rajiv Bhavan, Jagat Singh Negi accused former Chief Minister Jairam Thakur, his associate Rajeev Bindal, and other BJP leaders of misconduct during the Rajya Sabha elections on February 27th. He claimed that they disrupted the elections by mistreating a polling agent of the Congress candidate and attempted to break the gate of the legislative assembly premises. The Congress has lodged a complaint regarding these incidents with the Election Commission, but no action has been taken yet.

Negi stated that three independent MLAs are under immense pressure and fear from the BJP. He mentioned that they have not submitted their resignation letters voluntarily. The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly is currently investigating the matter, and a decision will be made after a thorough examination.

Furthermore, Negi accused the BJP of adversely affecting the pace of development in the state by imposing by-elections in various constituencies. He highlighted the challenges faced in areas like Khabayali due to heavy snowfall, which hindered development projects. He warned that the people of the state would never forgive any leader who betrays the party for personal gains.

Negi also condemned the BJP’s double standards, especially regarding the issue of women’s empowerment. He criticized the BJP for obstructing the release of a 1500 rupee guarantee for women and reinstating the OPS to employees. He praised the historic gesture of the Congress government in its first cabinet meeting.

Negi expressed confidence in the Congress government’s complete majority in the state and asserted that after the Lok Sabha and six legislative assembly by-elections on June 4th, the government led by Sukhvinder Singh Sukhoo will fulfill its remaining guarantees, addressing the aspirations of the people.

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