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Seizures Worth Rs. 3.31 Crore Amid MCC Enforcement

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Amid the implementation of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) for the upcoming bye-elections in Himachal Pradesh, significant seizures amounting to Rs. 3.31 crore have been reported. The State Election Department announced today that these seizures include illicit liquor, cash, drugs, and jewelry.

Police and excise departments confiscated 10,358 liters of illicit liquor valued at Rs. 14.12 lakh. Additionally, the Income Tax Department seized precious metals weighing 3.13 kilograms, valued at Rs. 2.13 crore. Cash amounting to Rs. 93.66 lakh was also seized by enforcement agencies.

Further seizures include 1.06 kilograms of charas (Rs. 2.65 lakh), 19 grams of heroin (Rs. 3.82 lakh), 4.59 grams of smack (Rs. 91,800), and 1.32 kilograms of poppy husk (Rs. 19,890). The Industries Department imposed fines totaling Rs. 2.67 lakh in 74 cases under the Mining Act during the MCC period.


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