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SDM Sadar released helpline number

Mandi, 26 November: SDM Sadar Nivedita Negi has released a helpline number for the convenience of the people of Sadar subdivision during the night curfew in the district. On this number, people can give prior information to the administration of weddings and other religious ceremonies to be held in their homes. For this, they will not have to come to the ADM office keeping in view the increase in the outbreak of Corona epidemic.
According to the guidelines of the Corona epidemic, people are required to give prior information to the administration regarding weddings and other religious rites in their homes.
She urged people to give this information on WhatsApp number 09418163337 or mobile number 8894226207 instead of coming to the office. This can also be noted at the email address sdmmansdr@gmail.com of the SDM office.

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