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PM Modi’s Leadership Essential for National Unity and Integrity: Kangana Ranaut

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Mandi: BJP candidate from Mandi parliamentary constituency, Kangana Ranaut, in a statement to the press, emphasized the necessity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership for the unity and integrity of the nation. She accused the Congress of consistently working to divide the country, both internally and externally, since independence. According to Ranaut, Congress’s policies have always weakened the country, highlighting how Congress leaders have undermined the nation’s sovereignty over the years.

Ranaut criticized Congress for nurturing a particular community at the expense of the rights of Hindu brothers and sisters, asserting that these rights were covertly redistributed to that community. She argued that this has been a consistent trait of Congress, exploiting the rights of poor and helpless Hindus to secure their vote bank.

Addressing the formation of the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDI Alliance), Ranaut questioned their proclaimed unity, suggesting it was solely aimed at preventing one individual from holding power. She argued that the alliance lacks other strategies because they fear that if Modi returns to power, their deceptive practices will be completely exposed and shut down. She predicted that on June 4, this fear would become their worst nightmare as the nation would once again choose Prime Minister Modi.

Ranaut also addressed the INDI Alliance’s appeal for votes under the guise of saving democracy, accusing them of manipulating the constitution established by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. She claimed that Congress has historically deprived Dalits and backward classes of their reservations, redistributing these benefits to infiltrators to strengthen their vote bank. She argued that when Prime Minister Modi exposed these corrupt practices, the opposition turned against him.

Concluding her statement, Ranaut expressed confidence that the public would respond to the opposition’s frustration, recognizing that under Modi’s leadership, development is possible.

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