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Local Youths Granted Commercial License for Paragliding Ventures

Bilaspur, January 19, 2024 – Ritesh Kumar, Assistant District Tourism Officer in Mandi, revealed that Sanjeev and Vishal, residents of Bilaspur town, have been granted a tandem flight license for commercial paragliding ventures at the Bandla Paragliding site. He stated that this initiative aims to kickstart commercial flights at the Bandla Paragliding site and provides local youth with the opportunity to actively participate in the tourism sector, generating employment opportunities for them.

Highlighting the importance of increased local participation in the tourism sector, Kumar emphasized the need for more locals to engage in various aspects of tourism. The provision of commercial licenses is seen as a significant step in achieving this goal.

Kumar further explained that obtaining commercial licenses would facilitate tandem flights for tourists from the Bilaspur region. The initiative aims to make paragliding more accessible to tourists and enhance the overall experience of visiting the Bandla Paragliding site. This move is expected to attract more tourists to Bilaspur and boost the local economy.

With the receipt of the commercial licenses, the duo plans to offer paragliding services to tourists, promoting adventure tourism in the region. The Bandla Paragliding site, situated in Bilaspur, is known for its picturesque landscapes, making it an ideal location for paragliding enthusiasts and tourists seeking thrilling experiences.

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