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Deputy Commissioner Inaugurates Automatic Immunoassay Analyzer Machine

Cancer, Hepatitis, and Thyroid-related Tests to be Available

Chamba, January 19 – Apoorv Devgan, the Deputy Commissioner and President of the District Red Cross Society, inaugurated a fully automatic immunoassay analyzer machine at the Red Cross Laboratory in Chamba. Following the inauguration, Devgan, while addressing media representatives, mentioned that this machine would facilitate various tests related to thyroid, NT-proBNP, cancer, prostate vitamin, anti-pro BNP, hepatitis, and more.

He explained that the availability of these tests would contribute to the local community’s health by providing quick and accessible diagnostic services. Earlier, samples for such tests were sent to Chandigarh for reports, but now, with the installation of this machine, reports will be available locally in Chamba.

Devgan highlighted that the Red Cross Society would also collaborate with the laboratories at Dalhousie, Tissa, and Chuwadi branches, and the samples for these tests would be sent from these locations to Chamba. The reports would then be made available through email, ensuring that residents in remote areas of the district can benefit from these diagnostic services.

He emphasized that the rates for all the tests at the Red Cross Laboratory in Chamba would be competitively priced, providing affordable healthcare services to the general public. Devgan assured that the installation of this machine would enhance healthcare facilities in the district and contribute to the overall well-being of the residents.

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