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JUIT’s NCC cadets organised drug awareness rally

J.P. University of Technology organized an awareness rally for tracking and drug awareness by NCC cadets. This event was conducted under the leadership of Associate NCC Officer Lt. Pragya Gupta, CTO Dr. Amit Jakhar, and PI Jai Lal Thakur. Initially, the cadets set out towards the Tara Devi and Shiv temples with great enthusiasm.

Despite the rainy weather, the cadets overcame various challenges. They trekked to Tara Devi and Shiv temples, witnessed the mesmerizing beauty of nature, and rekindled their spirits, realizing that success and happiness come through hard work.

Following the trek, the cadets conducted a rally in the Shogi market for drug awareness. They demonstrated and enlightened the public about the dangers of drugs, emphasizing that it not only harms individuals but also affects entire families. They conveyed the message that staying away from addictive substances is essential for leading a fulfilling life.

Afterwards, the cadets didn’t stop at Shogi but continued their rally in the Waknaghat market. They engaged in conversations with people, expressed their opposition to drugs, and educated the public about the destruction of intellect caused by addiction. They advised children, adults, and the elderly to stay away from addictive substances.

In the end, the public praised the efforts of the cadets, boosting their morale and marking the successful conclusion of their mission.

Youngsters should actively participate in community development activities and aspire to serve the country. NCC encourages all eligible candidates to take advantage of opportunities to become part of a respected organization that plays a crucial role in shaping responsible and disciplined citizens for our nation’s future.

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