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Jaypee University of Information Technology

“DIKSHA” freshers’ party rocked JUIT

Jaypee University of Information Technology came alive with the vibrancy and glamour on the evening of September 16th as it hosted the eagerly anticipated “DIKSHA” freshers’ party . This year the theme of the event was Bollywood and it lived up to the hype in grand style. The event organised by the Jaypee Youth Club was a resounding success leaving both students and staff in awe of the talent, energy, and enthusiasm on display. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the spectacular performances that graced the stage, students showcased their incredible talents in dance and music. One of the most eagerly awaited moments of the evening was the announcement of Mr. Fresher and Miss Fresher, Aaditya Singh Duhoon was awarded with the title of Mr. Fresher while Miss Fresher’s title was won by Sanvi Sharma and the “DNR” dance group emerged as the winners of the “Best Dance Group” award .
Speaking about the success of Diksha, the President of the JYC Shivansh Mehrotra said, “We wanted to make sure that our freshers had a memorable start to their university journey, and Diksha exceeded our expectations. It was a testament to the talent and creativity of our students, and we’re thrilled that everyone had such a fantastic time”, while the event was an overall success of the collective efforts of all clubs and committees of JYC.

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