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Himachal Pradesh High Court Rejects Petition Seeking Sub-Tehsil Status for Tattapani*

The Himachal Pradesh High Court has dismissed a petition filed to grant sub-tehsil status to Tattapani. Justice Rakesh Kanthala, in his decision, stated that government decisions taken in the public interest cannot be challenged. The court emphasized that the government should have complete autonomy in formulating policies, and it’s only when there is a violation of law, arbitrariness, or illegality that the court can intervene in government policies.

The Jan Kalyan Sangharsh Samiti had challenged the non-allocation of sub-tehsil status to Tattapani, alleging that despite the approval of the proposal by the local Panchayat, it was not being granted. It was contended that the state government had issued a notification on August 24, 2021, granting sub-tehsil status to Bagshad, which created difficulties for six other patwar circles, including Tattapani.

The committee, formed by the residents of Gram Panchayats Bindla, Parlog, Shakrah, Thali, Sahaj, Savindar, and Tattapani, had submitted a representation to the Chief Minister on August 7, 2021. However, sub-tehsil status was conferred upon Bagshad without accepting the committee’s representation.

During the court proceedings, it was argued that the people of Parlog Panchayat would have to travel 60 kilometers to reach Bagshad, and similarly, the residents of Bindla Panchayat would have to undertake a 48-kilometer journey. After hearing both sides, the court concluded that there was no justification to interfere with the government’s policy decision and dismissed the petition.

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