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Discussion on importance of archaeology held at Shoolini University

Solan, January 21

Belletristic Shoolini Literature Society held a panel discussion on “A treasure hunt through the rubble”. Key speaker of session was Dr Ekta Singh, Assistant Prof History at Shoolini University, talked about how archaeological evidence helps in reconstructing the past.
Dr Singh explained a case study of her research area, the Spiti Valley, she connected the dots between archaeology and history. She also focused on how archaeological evidence became the primary source for any historian while narrating a place’s story and drawing parallels between different cultures.
Another panelist, Dr Tishya Nagarakar, seasoned archaeologist/cultural anthropologist and qualitative researcher from Pune shared anecdotes from her experiences working in the field with various tribes and cultures. Both the speakers gave a detailed description of how the archaeologist works on and off the field and focused on the scientific approach to the subject. The moderator of the session was Dr Purnima Bali who kept the session going with questions and answers round.

Prof Tej Nath Dhar, Prof Nasser, Neeraj Pizar and Dr Navreet Sahi contributed to the discussion. A song dedicated to Shoolini University and composed by Mr Hemant Kumar Sharma was also launched during the session.

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