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“The day is not far when Congress will pay for lies and deceit”: Bikram Thakur

Una: Former Minister Bikram Thakur warns the Congress government and Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu about the consequences of false promises and the state’s financial condition given during the elections. He stated that the day is not far when Congress will have to face the consequences of the lies and deceit they spoke to the people of the state. Bikram Thakur said that the Congress government is an expert in spreading falsehoods and deceit to capture power in Himachal Pradesh. The youth, women, farmers, and horticulturists are all questioning what the Congress has done despite the promises made during the elections.*

*The former minister questioned the Chief Minister about the promise of providing one lakh jobs to the youth of the state in the first cabinet and asked where those jobs are. He also raised concerns about the promises made to women, assuring a monthly pension of ₹1500 for women between the ages of 18 and 60. Bikram Thakur highlighted that the farmers are questioning when and who will buy milk from them at ₹100 per liter daily, and who will purchase cow dung from them. He mentioned that the horticulturists are waiting to determine the prices of their produce on their own. All these questions reflect the anger among the people.*

*Bikram Thakur emphasized that the people of the state are frustrated with the Congress government’s approach. The youth are unemployed, and they are questioning the Chief Minister about the promised one lakh jobs. He accused the Congress government of unnecessary expenditure, and the public is waiting for the opportunity to teach Congress a lesson. With the Lok Sabha elections approaching in 2024, it is certain that Congress will face a severe defeat. The attempts made by the Congress government to create a favorable atmosphere across the state are seen as an effort to deceive the public, but the public is not foolish. The day is not far when the people of the state will make Congress pay for its lies and the deceit practiced by them.”*

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