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DA Fitness Hosts Shimla’s First Unisex Fitness Championship

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Shimla, June 24, 2024– DA Fitness,a prominent gym in Shimla, hosted the city’s first-ever unisex fitness championship, drawing an impressive crowd of over 150 participants. This landmark event featured various challenging competitions designed to test the strength, endurance, and determination of contestants, making it Shimla’s biggest fitness championship to date.

The championship consisted of three main categories: Arm Wrestling, Push-Ups, and the Plank Challenge. The Arm Wrestling competition was divided into specific weight categories for men—50-60 kg, 60-70 kg, 70-80 kg, and 80 kg and above—while the women’s competition was conducted under an open weight category. Substantial prizes were awarded to the winners in each category, with the first prize being ₹3100 and the second prize ₹1100. Tarun emerged as the standout winner among men, securing the top position in his category.

In the Push-Ups Challenge, contestants competed to achieve the highest number of push-ups. Divyanshu won in the men’s division, and Sana claimed victory in the women’s division. The Plank Challenge tested the participants’ core strength and endurance, with Bhavya winning in the men’s category and Sumanika in the women’s category.

Tarun was honored as the overall winner of the competition, earning a grand cash prize of ₹15,000, a prestigious trophy, and a certificate of achievement. His remarkable performance across the events underscored his dedication and physical prowess.

The founder of DA Fitness, Veenu Diwan, expressed immense satisfaction with the turnout and spirited participation. “We have organized many championships before, but this event truly stood out due to the massive response from the youth. Our primary aim is to promote an anti-drug initiative and direct the youth towards meaningful and healthy activities. We are highly obliged to see such enthusiasm and look forward to organizing more events on a much larger scale in Shimla,” he said.

The championship not only provided a platform for fitness enthusiasts to showcase their abilities but also served as a significant step towards promoting a healthy lifestyle among the youth of Shimla.

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