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Building Collapse Incident in Shimla Raises Concerns, No Casualties Reported

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Shimla, January 20: In a recent unfortunate incident, a five-story building near the Shimla-Bilaspur National Highway, close to the Degree College in the Gram Panchayat of Ghondal, collapsed. Fortunately, there have been no reported casualties, and the adjacent Dhami Degree College building is also at risk due to the structure’s collapse.

The incident occurred on Saturday, and the affected building belonged to Rajkumar Sharma. The building reportedly crumbled during the plot-cutting process. The Dhami Degree College building, located nearby, has suffered significant cracks and damage due to the collapse. The collapse has raised concerns about the safety of structures in the region.

It’s worth noting that the affected five-story building was vacated a week ago for demolition. The cause of the collapse is attributed to structural issues during the plot-cutting activities. The local police team from Baluganj Thana arrived at the scene after the collapse to assess the situation.

This incident highlights the need for a thorough examination of construction practices and building safety standards, especially in the dry spell experienced in the state. The capital has faced significant challenges during emergencies, and the scars of the recent disaster are yet to heal.

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