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Protest Against Guest Lecturer Recruitment Decision in Himachal Pradesh

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Mandi, January 20: Unemployed youths in Himachal Pradesh have taken to the streets in opposition to the state government’s decision on guest lecturer recruitment. On Saturday, dozens of youths in Mandi organized a protest rally from Paddal Maidan in Mandi city to the DC office gate, expressing their dissent against the government.

The protesters voiced their opposition to the state government’s decision to recruit teachers through the Teacher Recruitment Commission, specifically opting for guest lecturers. According to the youths, this is the first government in Himachal Pradesh that is not appointing teachers through the commission but is instead opting for guest lecturers, a move vehemently opposed by the youth. They had hoped for justice and swift results with the advent of the Congress government, but, contrary to expectations, the government has not taken any significant steps for the welfare of the youth.

Vivek Thakur emphasized that the state government is resorting to such tactics to save money in teacher appointments. The recruitment of guest lecturers in educational institutions will adversely affect the quality of education. He demanded that the government recruit through the commission instead of opting for guest lecturers.

Similarly, Sayal Singh Thakur stated that the recruitment of guest lecturers is an injustice to the lakhs of youths in the state who are studying day and night in libraries for government jobs. If the state government does not reconsider its decision soon, unemployed youth across the state will take to the streets. The protesters warned that if the government does not address their concerns, they will resort to hunger strikes and even surround the legislative assembly to fight for their rights.

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