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All India Civil Services Music, Dance, and Short Play Competition Showcases Brilliant Rendition of “Andha Yug” in Shimla

In an enthralling event, the Entertainment, Arts, and Cultural Club of the Himachal Pradesh Secretariat, Shimla, organized the All India Civil Services Music, Dance, and Short Play Competition on January 23-24, 2024. The artistic talent of the performers was spotlighted in a magnificent portrayal of the renowned play “Andha Yug” by Dharamvir Bharati, directed by Rajesh Bhardwaj.

The performance, held at the Vasant Rao Deshpande Memorial Auditorium in Nagpur, drew thunderous applause from the audience. The play secured the second position in a fierce competition among seventeen productions. In addition to this achievement, director Rajesh Bhardwaj was honored with the Best Direction award, showcasing his exceptional skills.

Rohit, portraying the character of Ashwatthama, was awarded the first place for his outstanding acting. In the Best Supporting Actor category, Neena Sharma secured the first position. The play also received the Best Production award, further adding to its accolades.

The play, set against the backdrop of the final days of the Mahabharata war, masterfully depicted the tragic aftermath and the poignant portrayal of despair and disillusionment. The role of Ashwatthama was particularly noteworthy for its incorporation of the gruesome emotions that left the audience in awe.

With an audience of over fifteen hundred, the play resonated with every attendee, appreciating the impeccable performances and seamless coordination on stage.

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