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Corona Vaccine to be Ready in Next Few Weeks: PM Modi

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New Delhi, Dec 4 –  Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said the Covid vaccine will be ready in the next few weeks and once it is ready, the vaccination programme will start in the country.

The price of the Covid vaccine will be determined on the basis of consultation with the states, keeping public health as topmost priority.
Modi announced this while presiding over a meeting with all political parties here to discuss the situation arising out of the Covid pandemic in the country.

He said on the basis of interactions with experts and scientists, it can be said that the vaccine will be ready in the next few weeks in the country. Once the vaccine is introduced, the vaccination work will be started in the country.

He said everyone is eager to know how much will the vaccine cost. For determining the price of the much-awaited vaccine, the Central government is in talks with the states and their advice will also be given preference, he told the political parties.

The Prime Minister said he himself has spoken to the team of scientists making the vaccine and is very confident about the scientific success. “The whole world is looking towards India in terms of an affordable and safe vaccine,” he added.

He also gave enough indication that India will use indigenously made vaccines as he talked about cheap but effective vaccines.
Both Moderna and Pfizer candidates are much higher priced than India’s potential immunisation candidates.

There are about eight such potential vaccines that are in different stages of trial and have to be manufactured in India. As stated in the discussion here, India’s trial of its three different vaccines is in different stages of the trials. Experts are anticipating that there will not be much waiting for the Covid vaccine and could be ready in the next few weeks.
“Immunisation campaign will be started in India as soon as scientists clear it,” he signalled.

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