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Online news portals and OTT platforms under Govt. Scanner

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New Delhi, Nov 11

With the increasing number of online news portals and content providers, the government has decided to bring them under the scope of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in view of their regulation.

The Cabinet Secretariat has issued a notification related to this order on Wednesday.
With the release of this notification, along with the online news portals, entertainment websites and platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and others will also come under the scope of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

For this, the Government has amended the (Allocation of Business) Rules 1961. These changes will be effective with immediate effect.

Online news portals and other audiovisual content providers were not bound by any rules so far.

This step of the government will prove to be important as it has now paved the way for them to come under the regulation and the government will keep an eye on them.
The government had said on several occasions that regulation of online mediums is more important than television channels.

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