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Webinar held to mark National Nutrition Week at Shoolini University

Solan, September 17
The School of Bioengineering and Food Technology, Faculty of Applied Sciences and Biotechnology organised a webinar on National Nutrition Week, initiated in 1982 by the Food and Nutrition Board and the Ministry of Women and Child Development.
The key speaker of the webinar was Dr. Pulkit Mathur, Head of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics and Food Technology at Lady Irvin College, University of Delhi. He delivered an invited lecture on the theme “Improving affordability of nutritious diets: sustainable solutions.”
This year the theme of National Nutrition Week was, “Nutrition rich India, educated India, empowered India,” in alignment with UNICEF’s mission to make healthy diets affordable for all. Dr. Mathur, an esteemed member of the nutrition community, commenced the webinar by shedding light on India’s Global Hunger Index ranking of 107 out of 121, emphasising the urgent need to address undernutrition.
Dr. Mathur’s presentation delved into the disparities between Energy Sufficient, Nutrient Adequate, and Healthy Diets, with a particular focus on the financial challenges of the latter. She offered practical guidance through “My Plate for the Day” recommendations, providing a roadmap for balanced nutrition.
One of the highlights of the webinar was the exploration of the EAT Lancet Diet and the intriguing price fluctuations of seasonal produce, underscoring the intricate connection between healthy diet affordability and a nation’s median income.
In her closing remarks, Dr. Mathur said that the responsibility of making healthy diets accessible lies with the food industry, government, agriculture sector, and consumers alike. The profound impact of the pandemic on undernutrition in India was also acknowledged, serving as a call to action for sustainable solutions in these challenging times

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