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War Room Meeting Held for Election Coordination at AICC Office Rajiv Bhawan

Today, a meeting of the War Room, established to streamline coordination during the upcoming elections, was convened at the Congress Office Rajiv Bhawan under the chairmanship of AICC Secretary Sanjay Dutt. Sanjay Awasthi, the War Room Chairman, Co-Chairman Maheshwar Chauhan, and Vice Chairman Hari Krishan Himral warmly welcomed Sanjay Dutt and presented him with an up-to-date report on the War Room’s activities. In attendance were various committee members who provided their reports and suggestions to the Chairman and Vice Chairman.

During the meeting, Sanjay Dutt provided important insights and tips to the War Room members, emphasizing the significance of the War Room in election coordination. He stressed the need for seamless coordination among all committees, including the Coordination Committee, Legal Department, Media Department, Social Media Department, and Protocol Team, which will work closely with the Central War Room.

Hari Krishan Himral announced plans to establish Zonal War Rooms at each Lok Sabha Centre, with arrangements already finalized in Dharamshala for Kangra and in Mandi for the Mandi Parliament. Sanjay Dutt also underscored the crucial role of Frontal Organizations in the field and urged the War Room to maintain close communication with these teams at the grassroots level.

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