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Vikramaditya Singh Slams BJP’s Pension Plans

Promises Revolutionary Changes for Mandi Constituency

Mandi, May 2024 — Vikramaditya Singh, the Congress candidate and Minister of Public Works, addressed multiple rallies in the Balh Assembly constituency, including locations such as Gagal, Phedi, Rewalsar, and Leda. He emphasized that if the BJP comes to power, it will immediately terminate the old pension scheme for employees, as seen in Rajasthan. He labeled the BJP as anti-women and anti-employee, pointing out former Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur’s attempt to halt the Congress’s King Mahila Samman Yojana through the Election Commission. Singh assured that Congress will not discontinue the scheme and promised to disburse a lump sum of INR 3,000 to all eligible women post-elections. He urged all eligible women to complete the application forms for the scheme.

Singh highlighted his vision for the Mandi constituency, including efforts to establish a Himachal Regiment in the army and the construction of a multi-story library named after Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and an indoor stadium to promote youth health awareness. He asserted his commitment to transforming Mandi into a smart city and providing ample employment opportunities for the youth.

Singh criticized the BJP for fielding an actress who lacks knowledge of the country’s history and its first Prime Minister. He claimed that she merely reads scripts prepared for her and has not shared her vision for the constituency. He accused her of using disrespectful language and failing to present any priorities for Mandi. Singh suggested that her deteriorating mental balance is evident as the election day approaches, indicating her frustration over a likely defeat.

Former Minister Prakash Chaudhary also spoke, praising Singh as an educated, experienced young leader with a clear vision for the constituency’s development. Chaudhary criticized the BJP for sidelining senior leaders and fielding an actress who is unaware of the country’s affairs, expressing confidence that Singh will emerge victorious as Mandi’s MP.

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