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LRB Ed Institute’s NSS Unit Holds Special Discussion on HIV Awareness

LRB Ed Institute, May 2024 — In a dedicated effort towards HIV elimination, the NSS unit of LRB Ed Institute organized a special discussion on HIV awareness. The event was attended by all B.Ed department faculty members, trainees, and Principal Dr. Nisha.

Trainees Gulshan Pranjal and Saurabh led the discussion, emphasizing the importance of World AIDS Day in spreading awareness about the disease. They explained that AIDS is caused by the HIV virus, which weakens the immune system and reduces the body’s ability to fight other diseases. The trainees detailed the symptoms, prevention methods, and causes of the disease, highlighting the necessity of safe sexual practices and a healthy lifestyle to prevent infection.

The discussion stressed the importance of HIV education, community involvement, and increased access to treatment as vital steps toward the disease’s eradication. The participants were urged to actively engage in spreading awareness within their communities.

In her concluding remarks, Principal Dr. Nisha reinforced the importance of educating communities about HIV prevention and supporting those affected by the disease. She emphasized the need to remember those who have lost their lives to AIDS and to work collectively towards preventing new infections. Dr. Nisha underlined that awareness is the most powerful tool in the fight against HIV, urging trainees and faculty to champion this cause in their communities.

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