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Vikramaditya Singh Set to Achieve Landslide Victory in Mandi: Harikrishna Himral

Shimla, May 22, 2024 — The Congress party is poised to secure a resounding victory across all four Lok Sabha seats in Himachal Pradesh, with its candidates being more experienced and popular than their BJP counterparts. This assertion was made by Harikrishna Himral, Vice President of the state Congress party, in a recent press statement.

Himral emphasized that Vikramaditya Singh, the Congress candidate for the Mandi seat, is not only experienced but also highly popular among the youth, the elderly, and women. By nominating Cabinet Minister Vikramaditya Singh, the Congress has already outmaneuvered the BJP before the voting has even begun. Himral predicted that Singh would win the election by a significant margin on June 4, seizing the BJP candidate’s security deposit in the process.

According to Himral, Vikramaditya Singh’s victory would achieve two objectives: decisively defeating the BJP candidate and ending the political career of BJP leader and former Chief Minister Jairam Thakur. The large crowds at Singh’s rallies are a clear indication that he is on track to win by a record-breaking margin.

Himral criticized the BJP candidate as someone who talks in vague terms, contrasting her with Singh, who has consistently supported people in their times of need. During the recent natural disaster in the state, Singh’s effective actions garnered worldwide praise, particularly his swift restoration of damaged roads within just 15 days. In contrast, the BJP candidate was allegedly preoccupied with film shoots in Mumbai, while Jairam Thakur was accused of politicking and lobbying against relief funds for Himachal Pradesh.

The Mandi seat has traditionally been a stronghold for the Congress, thanks to the significant contributions of former Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh. Singh’s legacy includes his extensive work in developing tourism, education, and healthcare infrastructure in the state. He served as Chief Minister six times and held various important portfolios at the central level, leaving a lasting impact on the state’s development.

Now, Vikramaditya Singh is continuing his father’s legacy, aiming to once again defeat the BJP in Mandi. In the previous by-election, Pratibha Singh, Vikramaditya’s mother, had also defeated the BJP candidate. Himral is confident that Vikramaditya will repeat this success, shattering the BJP’s arrogance and reaffirming the Congress’s dominance in the region.

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