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PM Modi’s Himachal Visit Sparks Outrage Amidst Crisis: False Promises Exposed! : Sanjay Avasthi

Shimla, May 22, 2024 — Once again, Prime Minister Modi is set to visit Himachal Pradesh, but the people of the state are not falling for his grand promises anymore. Sanjay Avasthi, the executive president of the Pradesh Congress Committee, accused PM Modi of only remembering Himachal Pradesh during election time, neglecting the state during times of distress.

Avasthi criticized PM Modi for failing to deliver on promises made a decade ago and for not doubling farmers’ incomes. He highlighted the lack of progress in promises such as providing air travel for people wearing slippers or placing apples in a special category for export. Avasthi stated that PM Modi only deceives the public with his sweet talk, which the people are no longer buying into.

Furthermore, Avasthi accused PM Modi of spending funds not to assist disaster-affected states like Himachal Pradesh but to purchase loyalty from elected representatives of selected governments. He pointed out PM Modi’s failure to provide financial aid during the state’s worst tragedy, which caused a loss of Rs. 10,000 crores and claimed 551 lives.

Avasthi claimed that PM Modi’s promises regarding Himachal Pradesh’s largest industry, apples, were also unfulfilled. Instead of reducing import duties by 70%, as promised, they were only reduced to 50%. Moreover, apples are being imported from 44 countries, benefiting their cronies Adani and Ambani at the expense of the country. He accused PM Modi of making false promises, even the construction of 69 national highways, which failed during a natural disaster.

Avasthi concluded by stating that PM Modi’s rhetoric would not work this time as both the people of Himachal Pradesh and the nation’s voters are disillusioned with him. The upcoming elections are poised to create an upheaval, indicating a potential downfall for PM Modi and his team. Despite his efforts, PM Modi’s schemes are bound to fail this time.

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