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Those Who Trade with People’s Emotions Should Not Be Forgiven: CM

On June 1, Press Button Against BJP, Hand Four Lok Sabha and Six Assembly Seats to Congress

Rajgarh (Sirmaur): Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukkhu held the first public meeting in Rajgarh of Sirmaur district for Vinod Sultanpuri, the Congress Lok Sabha candidate. The Chief Minister stated that those who trade with the emotions of the people should not be forgiven. Press the button against BJP in the form of a revolution on June 1. Hand over four Lok Sabha and six Assembly seats to Congress so that a strong message against BJP’s politics of buying and selling can resonate across the country. Opposition leader Jairam Thakur is now starving for power; he slept during his five years in office, and papers were sold.

The Chief Minister said that democracy can only be preserved by the people. The assassination of democracy cannot be prevented by plotting to overthrow the government with notes obtained through votes. If democracy has survived for 75 years, it is because of Congress policies. If today a person selling tea is the Prime Minister of the country, it is possible because of Congress policies.

Sukhwinder Singh said that he has come to seek the support of the people of Pachhad region. When there is public support and divine support, then the BJP government is not afraid of conspiracy. The BJP’s conspiracy to overthrow the government with money has succeeded in Maharashtra and Karnataka, but their attempt in Himachal did not succeed. In the future, they should be taught a lesson through votes so that Himachal becomes an example for the entire country. The public can bring about any revolution, so this time bring a revolution of votes and end it on June 1.

The Chief Minister said that Vinod Sultanpuri is honest and has a clean image. His father has been a six-time MP, and no one could buy his honesty. Bring Vinod to Parliament so that he can raise your voice. Your current MP Suresh Kashyap did not develop the region, nor did he muster the courage to meet the Prime Minister for bringing a special relief package during disasters like Uttarakhand and Gujarat. All three MPs of BJP did not support the government during the disaster nor did they write a letter to the Prime Minister for a special relief package similar to Bhuj in Uttarakhand and Gujarat.

The Chief Minister included former Youth Congress president and Manish Thakur, who supported the Aam Aadmi Party in the last assembly elections, in the Congress Party by garlanding him with flowers. Vinod Sultanpuri, the Congress candidate, said that his father, KD Sultanpuri, has served as MP six times in Shimla Parliamentary Constituency. This is possible only with the blessings of the people. They also want to become the voice of this region in Parliament, they need your blessings.

In the public meeting, Industries Minister Harshvardhan Chauhan, Education Minister Rohit Thakur, MLA Ajay Solanki, former Speaker Gangaram Musafir, former MLA Dayal Pyari, Congress district president Anand Parmar, Chief Minister’s OSD Ritesh Kaparet, Youth Congress president Nigam Bhandari, Block Congress President, etc., were present.

The faces of the corrupt MLAs were revealed when they wore the BJP’s mask

The Chief Minister said that the faces of the six former MLAs who were corrupt were revealed when they wore the BJP’s mask. The signs of selling conscience were visible on their faces. One corrupt MLA, two days before selling himself, I started distributing Rs 1500 to women from the Indira Gandhi Pyari Sister Fund in Kela, Lahaul from the Tibetan border. At that time, they were reading my big poems. Our government does not do politics by watching elections. We started a plan of Rs 1500 from Lahaul, which is situated on the Tibetan border, two days before the election, so that the residents there feel that they are an integral part of the country.

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