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Big haul of illicit Liquor worth Rs. 7.59 crore seized 

Illicit liquor, cash, drugs and jewellery worth around Rs. 10.60 crore has been seized since Model Code of Conduct (MMC) came into force in the State in view of Lok Sabha and bye-elections to the six assembly constituencies in the state.

Both the police and the excise department seized illicit liquor amounting to 7.59 crore. While the Police department seized 131827 liters of illicit liquor worth Rs. 1.34 crore, the State taxes and excise department has seized 396643 liters of liquor valuing Rs. 6.25 crore since announcements of elections and enforcement of code of conduct. Apart from this, the Police department also captured 115 grams of gold and silver worth Rs. 6.85 and seized cash worth            Rs. 29.18 lakh. Till date 37.85 kilogram of charas worth Rs. 75.70 lakh and 1.91 kilograms of heroin amounting to Rs.1.34 crore has been impounded by enforcement agencies, stated spokesperson of the State Election Department here today.

In a tip-off from intelligence sources, the Commissioner State Taxes and Excise Yunus Khan led the massive operation himself in Mand area of  tehsil Indora in district Kangra raiding three villages viz: Gaguwal, Ulehrian and Tyora on Wednesday along with Police teams seizing 1,01,000 liters of illicit Country Fermented Liquor (Lahan) worth Rs. 1.1 crore.

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