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Theatre Workshop at Arya Samaj School: Enhancing Body Language & Mannerisms

Innovation is at the forefront in the preparations for the Children’s Theatre Festival, an Inter-School Hindi Drama Competition set to take place on the 14th and 15th of October. This event, organized by the Department of Language & Culture in collaboration with the Keekli Charitable Trust, focuses on skill development exercises and knowledge sharing.

To prepare for this event, a theatrical workshop was conducted at Arya Samaj School, led by the renowned theater personality, Dr. Kamal Sharma. During this workshop, Dr. Sharma conducted several theatrical exercises aimed at refining the body language and mannerisms of the students’ various character portrayals. He also placed a significant emphasis on improving their diction, guiding the children in practice and refining their performances based on scripts they had written themselves.

A total of fifteen schools will participate in this event, with each adapting stories written by Himachal’s authors, which have been transformed into scripts by their respective teams.

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