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Stricter Guidelines Issued Against Political Advertisement on Public Properties

Hamirpur, April 24 – Deputy Commissioner and District Electoral Officer Amarjeet Singh has stated that no political posters, banners, or hoardings will be permitted on any government buildings or other public properties in the district during the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Any violation of this directive may lead to severe action in accordance with the guidelines of the Election Commission of India.

The District Electoral Officer has instructed all officials to ensure that no political advertising materials are displayed on departmental buildings and other properties. Officers found responsible for such violations will be held accountable. Stringent action will be taken as per the Election Commission of India’s directives in such cases.

Amarjeet Singh has also directed municipal officials to closely monitor public places and government properties within their jurisdictions. Immediate action should be taken if any advertising material is found to be displayed. He emphasized that even for advertising on private buildings or other private properties, the owner’s permission is mandatory.

He has appealed to all leaders and activists of political parties to cooperate in strictly adhering to the Model Code of Conduct.

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