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State Government and the party organization stand hand in glove to fight BJP’s nefarious designs : Naresh Chauhan

The State Government and the party organization stand hand in glove to fight the nefarious designs of the BJP and its discriminatory attitude towards the people of the State during the disaster, stated Principal Media Advisor to the Chief Minister, Naresh Chauhan while addressing media persons here today. “The party organization and the government are one and are working on same lines to contest the coming general elections effectively” he quoted. ‘parivar ke beech chutput baatein hoti rehtein hain’ (small things do keep on happening in a vast family), he said, further pointing that the congress party was recognized as a biggest National party in the country.  He said that as far as Himachal Pradesh was concerned, the sitting congress government recognizes and respects its party workers and no one from the opposition has a right to poke his nose in the party affairs and spread rumours.

Replying to a query on the dissident MLAs, Chauhan said that every MLA has a choice to put his suggestions in writing to the Chief Minister. What is wrong in this?  The suggestions received are always welcomed and will be worked upon in a phased manner. Even few MLAs have sent their priorities in writing to the Chief Minister, so why furore is being created over by few? The opposition was making a mountain out of a molehill.  “ we understand that the Jai Ram Thakur Sahab  is pressed to issue such statements and he is playing his role as a leader of the Opposition, it is his obligation to do so” chauhan said. But to criticize for the sake of criticism is being well understood by the people of the State and the role of BJP leaders during the disaster.

The government under the leadership of Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu was working for the welfare of the last man in the queue and has launched several welfare schemes with enough scope for the self-employment opportunities for the youth, the agrarian society, together with creating its resources for making Himachal the most prosperous state in coming 4 to 5 years. We are reaching out to people through Sarkar Gaon ke Dwar, and that to, without spending on it, as was being witnessed during the BJP regime, where crores were spent during Jan manch.

As far as Lok Sabha elections are concerned, we have nothing to fear. The congress government gave OPS to as many as 1.36 lakh employees fulfilling its promise to the employees. It was the BJP that turned a blind eye to the legitimate rights of the employees and kept luring them for five years, but we did it, said he. We launched Rs. 680 crore Rajiv Gandhi Start-up yojna for creating self-employment opportunities for the youth. We launched Green Budget so that the Himalayan flora and fauna can be preserved further. Our Government started Lok Adalats to give relief to those, whose cases were pending in revenue courts for years and completed three out of our ten guarantees in the first year of our regime, questioning, what the opposition wants to sell. Chauhan said that just in one year three guarantees have been fulfilled and the remaining will be taken up in a phased manner.

Lashing out at BJP, he said that the ‘Double engine Sarkaar’ of the BJP left the state’s finances in mess. It was the government to be remembered for taking loans and mismanagement of the state’s finances. Apart from 75 thousand crore loan, 11 crore were the liabilities to the government employees. Can Jai Ram ji tell what special package they brought in their five years of regime? There was no industrial package as such for the State.

As of now, when the State hoped for a special financial package despite submitting Rs, 10000 crore report of loss to the centre, the Interim budget dashed the hopes of the people of the State. There was nothing to promote tourism or industries. The middle class was badly hit with no relaxation in the tax structure. So with what the BJP will go to the people to seek votes for in Lok Sabha elections, he remarked.

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