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Himachal to be a frontrunner in reducing fossil fuels: CM

In a short span of just one year, 19 fossil-fuel based vehicles have been replaced with e-vehicles resulting in savings of Rs. 28,32,853 in the state exchequer. This eco friendly move has significantly reduced the carbon footprint by 87.3 tonnes per year.

The endeavours to transform Himachal Pradesh as a Green Energy State by 31st March, 2026, have started yielding favourable outcomes. The launch of 19 e-vehicles in the Transport Department has proven to be a game changer for both environment conservation and cost savings.

Chief Minister said, “The transport department was the first in the country to adopt e-vehicles, marking a successful milestone in our commitment to environmental sustainability”. Last year, on 3rd February, the transport department was provided with 19 e-vehicles across 12 Regional Transport Offices and in the transport directorate.

Demonstrating his concern for environment protection, the Chief Minister is also using an e-vehicle, while in Shimla town. “The State Government has envisioned a green revolution, promoting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and aiming to become the frontrunner in sustainable transportation’, said the Chief Minister.

Sh. Sukhu said that the State Government was committed to foster sustainability in transportation operations, curb air pollution particularly in urban areas. Reduction in carbon footprint will also have a positive impact on the public health. The State Government is also strengthening the infrastructure for green mobility and six green corridors will be completed by the end of this current financial year.

Rajiv Gandhi Swarojgar Start-up Yojna with an outlay of Rs. 680 crore is another scheme launched wherein 50 percent subsidy on the purchase of e-taxis for the unemployed youths was being given in the first phase thereby promoting e-vehicles in a big way.

The Chief Minister said that Himachal Pradesh aims to reduce dependency on imported fossil fuels, ensuring that funds remain within the State envisioning a future with sustainable eco-friendly transportation coexisting harmoniously with the breath taking Himalayan landscapes.

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