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Shoolini University excels in SCIMAGO Institutions Rankings 2024 

Number one in Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy: SCIMAGO 2024

Solan, May 13
Shoolini University, Solan, has registered exceptional performance in the SCIMAGO Institutions Rankings 2024, with an impressive performance reflecting unwavering commitment to academic excellence.
The University has clinched the top spots in Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy, reaffirming its stronghold in these fields nationally. This outstanding achievement reflects the tireless dedication of the faculty and students towards pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation.
The latest rankings showcase a remarkable advancement in the university’s global standing, with an impressive overall rank of 1492, marking a significant rise from its position at 1561 in 2023.
In the Asian region, Shoolini has surged to 496th place from 540th, solidifying its stature as a premier educational institution. Moreover, the university has made substantial strides in the BRICS region, climbing to 332nd place from 384th, further amplifying its influence on the global stage. Notably, in India, Shoolini University has secured the 29th rank in the overall global standings.
In the category of Global research, Shoolini University has showcased remarkable progress, securing a global research rank of 739, a substantial improvement from 890 in the previous year. In India the university continues to lead the way, maintaining its position at 7th place in research excellence.
Furthermore, the university has demonstrated prowess in various subject areas, with exemplary performances in Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Science, and Energy, among others.
In the category of Innovation, Shoolini has garnered global recognition, securing 2920th place globally, and notable positions in the Asian, BRICS, and Indian regions.
Chancellor Shoolini University Prof PK Khosla congratulated all the faculty and staff for Shoolini’s performance in Scimago ranking. However, he said, “we have still to work hard for achieving leader ‘s position in India”.
Pro Chancellor Shoolini University, Mr. Vishal Anand, complimented the researchers and added that the importance of research is driving innovation and progress. He further said that the research is at the heart of Shoolini University’s mission.
Vice Chancellor  Shoolini University, Prof Atul Khosla, commended the faculty and students for their dedication to academic excellence. Prof Khosla further added that  our faculty’s expertise and the hard work of our students have been instrumental in achieving these outstanding subject-wise rankings. “We remain committed to providing a nurturing environment for learning and research”, he added.
Sourabh Kulshreshtha Dean Research and Development Shoolini University said that the university has improved rankings in most of the parameters in comparison to last year and extended his congratulations to the entire Shoolini family for this remarkable success.

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