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Plot to Create Political Crisis in BJP Foiled: Negi

Revenue Minister Jagat Singh Negi has stated that the plot by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to create a political crisis in Himachal Pradesh has been completely unsuccessful, leaving BJP leaders in dismay. He mentioned that despite spending billions, BJP’s intentions were not fulfilled.

Negi highlighted that the BJP attempted horse-trading, purchasing legislators, and various other tactics to topple the elected government but failed to achieve its objectives. He questioned how BJP managed to attract six Congress legislators besides the three independent legislators who were already aligned with the state government. Negi emphasized that the state government had solid evidence of horse-trading.

He accused Jayram Thakur and BJP of attempting to destabilize the political situation in the state. Despite the support from the central government and misuse of central agencies in the conspiracy to overthrow the government, BJP’s operation failed miserably.

Negi asserted that the strength of the people lies with the Congress government in Himachal Pradesh. While BJP may have financial power, Congress has the support of the people. He warned opposition leaders to secure their positions properly as they would need to remain in opposition for a long time.

Negi expressed confidence that the people of the state would give a resounding answer to BJP on June 1, and Jayram Thakur’s dream would remain unfulfilled. He concluded by stating that the people of the state believe in stable politics, and those who indulge in buying and selling politics will be taught a lesson.

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