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National workshop on preclinical and clinical research concludes 

Solan, May 16
The three-day National Workshop on ‘Bridging Preclinical and Clinical Research in Drug Discovery, organised by the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Shoolini University in collaboration with Fortis Hospital, concluded successfully, garnering widespread acclaim for its insightful sessions and impactful discussions.
Dr. Ravinder Kaundal from NIPER, Raebareli, delivered a lecture titled “Bridging Clinical Translational Gaps: Innovations in Animal Research.” Dr. Kaundal’s discourse delved into the challenges of translating promising results from animal studies to clinical trials, shedding light on the reproducibility crisis in animal research and the significant contributions of lifesaver mice in Nobel prize-winning studies.
Following this, Dr. Rohit Goyal presented an engaging lecture on “Ethnic-Biologic-Clinic: Tool to Drug Discovery and Development,” where he explored the potential of Zanthoxylum armatum in combating tooth decay and biofilm formation. The technical sessions of the day provided hands-on neurobehavioral assessments on various animal models related to dementia, anxiety, and depression.
Dr. Yogita Singh’s lecture, “From Lab to Beyond: Exploring Diverse Roles in Clinical Research,” highlighted unconventional career opportunities beyond traditional roles such as clinical investigators or research coordinators. Dr. Lalit Sharma concluded the series of lectures with an insightful presentation on “Role of Preclinical Models in Predicting Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Novel Therapeutics,” introducing participants to cutting-edge technologies in drug discovery, including organ-on-a-chip and the role of AI.
In the valedictory session,  Prof. Sunil Puri, Registrar, highlighted the students the importance of such workshops for students. Prizes were awarded to the winners of the poster presentation and quiz competition, with Dr. Deepak Kapoor, Dean of Pharmaceutical Sciences, congratulating the faculty and students on the workshop’s success.
The workshop saw active participation and fruitful discussions among attendees, providing a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and networking. Feedback from participants reflected high satisfaction with the workshop’s content and delivery, underscoring its success in enhancing understanding of the clinical research landscape and preparing participants for diverse career opportunities in this dynamic field.

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