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National workshop on clinical research in drug discovery organised at Shoolini Univ

Solan, May 8
A national workshop was organised on ‘Bridging Preclinical and Clinical Research in Drug Discovery’ by the Department of Pharmacology at Shoolini University in association with Fortis Hospital.
The workshop aimed to equip participants with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively bridge the preclinical-clinical gap.
The welcome address was delivered by Prof. Deepak N. Kapoor, Dean, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, where he addressed the crucial gap between pre-clinical and clinical aspects of drug discovery. Followed by an introduction to the Shoolini University research facilities and their impact on sustainable development goals, energy conservation, and agronomy by Dr. Rohit Goyal, Professor of Pharmacology. Afterwards, Dr. Lalit Sharma, Associate Professor of Pharmacology, extended his warm welcome to the delegates and provided an insight into the upcoming sessions defining the critical connection between preclinical and clinical studies.
“TechBook,”, a quick guide to animal handling and behavioural tests, was unveiled by delegates, including Prof. Nirmal Singh, Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab, chancellor Prof. P.K. Khosla and Dean Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Dr. Deepak N. Kapoor.
Prof. Khosla said “Always come prepared to the class” and shared his experience-based life stories of how we got inspired to start a university dedicated to research.
Prof. Nirmal Singh, Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab, delivered an insightful keynote address on “Ethics in Experiments in Animals,” in which he highlighted the historical outbreaks leading to the development of important guidelines and regulations in animal ethics. He emphasised the importance of animal studies in drug discovery, such as vaccines for TB and polio.
Prof. S.S. Sharma, HoD Pharmacology from NIPER, Mohali, joined an online session and filled the delegates with knowledge about “translational challenges in CNS drug discovery,” in which he shed light on the journey of a drug, starting from initial target selection to clinical trials and therapeutics. Interestingly, due to safety issues, about 85% of the drugs never reach the market as therapeutics. The session was moderated by Prof. Sourabh Kulshreshtha, Dean of Research and Development at Shoolini University, and Dr. Parveen Verma, Associate Professor at Shoolini University.
The practical session on the first day was concluded with an introduction to toxicity studies as per OECD guidelines, followed by a demonstration of the development of an ongoing research model for asthma, addition, and inflammation in animals.
The workshop was attended by around 80 participants from different backgrounds, including researchers, students, and pharmaceutical professionals, to delve into strategies for seamless translation of promising preclinical findings into successful clinical trials.

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