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Himachal Pradesh Minister Challenges Kangana Ranaut’s Commitment to Mandi Constituency

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Vikramaditya Singh, the Minister for Public Works in the Himachal Pradesh government, has questioned the commitment of BJP candidate and actress Kangana Ranaut to the Mandi constituency. Singh raised concerns about Ranaut’s involvement during a major natural disaster in Mandi, where significant financial losses were incurred. He pointed out that during such critical times, Mandi’s Member of Parliament, Pratibha Singh, was actively engaging with the affected people and conducting inspections. Singh questioned whether Kangana Ranaut ever visited any area in Mandi to meet the people or extended support to the affected individuals from Mumbai.

Singh emphasized that elections are not merely about stardom but require strategic planning and dedication to the people. He stressed the importance of commitment not only during elections but also after winning. Singh further asked whether Kangana Ranaut would continue to dedicate as much time to the Mandi parliamentary constituency post-elections and whether the people of Mandi are willing to go to Mumbai for their small needs.

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